I’m so exhausted that I feel sick and I still have to work today. I really hate being scheduled an early shift after closing the night before

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story featuring a city where it’s cloudy and rains almost all the time but instead of being stereotypically gloomy and grim, it’s lively and colorful and people party hard indoors and decorate the streets with colorful strings of lights. umbrellas are major fashion accessories and nobody is caught dead without one. festivals are all held indoors except for rain parades. everyone has massive gardens. its awesome.

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"Okay, so he’s not your boyfriend, but he does your laundry for you?
Aaaand he’s not your boyfriend? Are you sure?” - My coworker to me today about Ian

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Next week I work Tuesday for only an hour. One hour. I have to come in to work just the one hour. And then I close Thursday to come back in Friday morning to open. WOW THANKS ANDY

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for someone who pretends to have no emotions whatsoever im really sensitive

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